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Hangzhou Zhengdong prestressed anchor Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in research,Website:http://www.china-prestressed.com,development,production of prestressed anchor manufacturer.The company?s positive anchor anchor series by the national test center to test the targets have reached or over JGJ85-2005 <Tendons anchorage, clamps and connector applications technical regulations> and <Tendons anchorage,grip and connector>(GB / T14370-2007) anchorage in class I standard, the product has reached the leading domestic level. The company has specialized in anchorage design, development, production of high, intermediate and technical personnel and advanced technology production equipment. The company also establish a complete test and inspection center, to ensure that the perfect product quality. The company concludes many years of production,experience and user feedback, absorbs the essence of the same industry production, and continues to explore and develop innovative, now has annual production capacity of more than 500 million hole.And the company builds a set throughout the development, design, production, service the whole process of ISO9001-2008 quality system, provides goods and services and technological guidance for domestic highway, both acclaim. ZDM series of products with reasonable design, stable quality, safe and reliable, and establish a marketing network in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Yunnan, Fujian, Jiangxi, Wuhan, Shanxi and other places.Since 2012,it has established a good cooperative relationship with foreign customers, and self import and export. The company strives for the survival by the quality,develops for the purpose of efficiency,uses strong economic strength, expands production scale, improves market share,with the most advanced production technology,the most reliable product quality and quality after-sales service to meet the needs of all customers.
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Prestressed anchorage ,steel anchorage,construction anchorage,slab anchorge,headed concrete anchorage